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Easy Frozen Yogurt Pops

Categories: Food
Type: Desserts and Baked Goods

Chill out with a cool snack for your kids' sweet tooth.

Serves: 8 ounces of yogurt makes 3-4 popsicles


  • Low-fat yogurt in your favorite flavors (custard or blended types of yogurt work best)
  • Popsicle mold OR small paper cups and wooden sticks

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  1. Fill the popsicle molds with yogurt. If you don't have molds, spoon the low-fat yogurt into paper cups and cover each cup with a piece of aluminum foil, crimping the edges.
  2. Pierce the center of the aluminum foil lightly with a sharp knife and insert a wooden stick in each cup.
  3. Freeze the molds or cups until solid.
  4. Unmold or unpeel the paper cup from the frozen yogurt and enjoy!

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