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1 Meat and Potato Pie
Meat and potato pie is an easy and hearty dish that your whole family will love.
2 Chicken and Sweet Corn Pie
Chicken and sweet corn make the perfect filling for this easy pie.
3 Caribbean Stew with Allspice and Ginger
Ginger and allspice add a tropical taste to this Caribbean stew.
4 Chocolate Biscuit Cake
Biscuits taste even better when they have chocolate in them.
5 Whole Wheat Rolls
Ideal with lunch or dinner...
6 Shepherdless Pie
This meat-free dish is just as good as the original version.
7 Thick Vegetable Soup
Vegetable soup is the perfect comfort food for a chilly day.
8 Vegetarian Leek and Mushroom Lasagna
Leeks and mushrooms are a great combination for this vegetarian lasagna.
9 Cherry Crumble
Cherries are just one fruit you can use in this deliciously versatile dessert.
10 Chocolate Steamed Pudding
Your family will love this creamy and delicious chocolate steamed pudding recipe.
11 Vanilla Cheesecake
This rich yet light cheesecake is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser...
12 Moussaka
This famous Greek specialty is an excellent make-ahead dish, particularly if you have a large number to feed.
13 Spinach Sauce
Make a quick and easy spinach sauce to have on hand for a simple, yet delicious, pasta dish.
14 Quick Fish Pie with Peas
Your family will go crazy for this quick fish pie with peas.
15 Fish Sticks with Chunky Tartar Sauce
These homemade fish sticks are easy to make and will be gobbled up in no time.
16 Cheesy Potato and Mushroom Gratin
Kids will go wild for this cheesy potato and mushroom gratin.
17 Calzone with Peppers, Capers, and Olives
Calzones are scrumptious, especially when they are stuffed with peppers, capers, and olives.
18 Swiss Chard and Gruyère Cheese Tart
This pie recipe combines swiss chard and Gruyère cheese to make a creamy and delicious meal.
19 Cheese and Onion Pie
Cheese and onion make a delicious flavor combination.
20 Squash, Thyme, and Goat Cheese Tart
Squash, thyme, and goat cheese blend together perfectly in this delicious tart.

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