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1 Fruity Sausage Stuffing
Dried fruit gives this sausage stuffing a slightly sweet flavor.
2 Winter Vegetable Soup
Some people call this "Penny Soup," because the vegetable pieces resemble coins...
3 Feta and Pumpkin Pastries
Popular Middle Eastern snacks, these tasty filo pastries are filled with a sweet-savory mixture...
4 Ultimate Mashed Potatoes
Mash with a twist...
5 Wild Rice with Mushrooms
Wild rice has more texture than white rice, and looks much prettier. This easy recipe is great for a fancy meal.
6 Roast Turkey
This simple turkey dish is flavored with savory herbs.
7 Cinnamon Apple Strudel
Phyllo dough gives a delicate texture to this cinnamon apple strudel.
8 Orange-Cranberry Relish
Orange juice gives a special tang to this cranberry relish.
9 Classic Harvard Beets
When your dinner plate needs a fresh burst of color, beets are a terrific choice!...
10 Toasted Tamari Pumpkin Seeds
Pumpkin seeds toasted in tamari sauce provide a distinctive, crunchy flavor.
11 Indian Pudding
Indian pudding takes some time to bake, but you don't have to keep a careful eye on your oven while it does.
12 Cranberry Biscotti
Biscotti take a bit more effort than traditional cookies, but the lemon-cranberry tang in these sets them apart!...
13 Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie
This pumpkin pie should be served on Thanksgiving -- but it's good anytime!...
14 Tart and Tasty Stuffing
This unusually rich and colorful turkey dressing will add an extra flair to your Thanksgiving table.
15 Glorious Green Bean Casserole
This green bean casserole is easy to make, and chances are you've already got most of the ingredients.
16 Waldorf Salad
This version of the classic Waldorf salad is easy to prepare, delivers true taste and crunch, and makes a terrific side-dish all year long.
17 Spiced Sweet Potato Soufflé
18 Cheddar-Stuffed Potatoes
If you can find Yukon Gold potatoes, use them in this cheddar-stuffed recipe. They have a natural buttery taste.
19 Orange-Candied Sweet Potatoes
If sweet potatoes are a staple of your holiday meals, you must try this festive and fruity version.
20 Golden Pecan Pie
This pie blends oats and pecans for a satisfying filling.

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