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1 Plum, Peach, and Banana Smoothie
Soy milk and silken tofu make this smoothie both creamy and delicious...
2 Watermelon Cherry Smoothie
Pretend it's summer all year round with this tastes-like-summer smoothie.
3 Grape-Peach Smoothie
Grapes and peaches are naturally sweet, but the apple juice brings out their flavors in this smoothie.
4 Apple-Grape Juice
Apple-grape juice is healthier and tastier when its fresh.
5 Mixed Fruit Mountain Dew Smoothie
This fruity snack is delicious and refreshing.
6 Cherry-Peach Smoothie
Soy milk, peaches, and cherries make a sweet smoothie for a warm day.
7 Date-Prune Smoothie
Don't knock prune juice until you've tried it! This date-prune smoothie is surprisingly good!...
8 Carrot-Apple Juice
The juice of carrots and apples makes a great combo.
9 Peach and Pineapple Smoothie
Peach and pineapple offer an exotic and tangy snack.
10 Watermelon Strawberry Smoothie
This low-carb snack is delicious and guilt-free, so indulge yourself!...
11 Honeydew Orange Smoothie
Here's a healthy snack alternative for the sweet tooth in your family.
12 Minted Honeydew Smoothie
A refreshing, minty smoothie for a warm day.
13 Cantaloupe Strawberry Smoothie
This smoothie is a favorite of strawberry lovers.
14 Honeydew Lemon Smoothie
This tangy snack will be a big hit with your family and friends.
15 Raspberry Watermelon Smoothie
You will never believe that this sweet and luscious snack is low-carb.
16 Berry Melon Smoothie
Tart berries and sweet melon combine to make a perfectly delicious snack.
17 Coconut Peach Smoothie
You'll feel as if you're on a island vacation with this exotic treat.
18 Tangerine Grape Smoothie
You'll love this irresistable smoothie, made with real fruit.
19 Grape and Kiwi Smoothie
Feel guilt-free and satisfied with this tasty low-carb treat.
20 Blackberry Papaya Smoothie
Treat your family to this healthy and delicious snack.

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