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1 Apple-Grape Juice
Apple-grape juice is healthier and tastier when its fresh.
2 Cherry-Peach Smoothie
Soy milk, peaches, and cherries make a sweet smoothie for a warm day.
3 Date-Prune Smoothie
Don't knock prune juice until you've tried it! This date-prune smoothie is surprisingly good!...
4 Grape-Peach Smoothie
Grapes and peaches are naturally sweet, but the apple juice brings out their flavors in this smoothie.
5 Carrot-Apple Juice
The juice of carrots and apples makes a great combo.
6 Almost Grown-Up Punch
Cranberry juice, real pineapple, and diet ginger ale make this a toasting drink!...
7 Big Boy's Sports Spritzer
Pack this spritzer along for the game!...
8 Pomegranate Lemonade
Pomegranate juice adds a depth and complexity of flavor without dulling the uniquely compelling sour-sweet taste of classic lemonade.
9 Mango Limeade
Mango juice and fresh mango give a kick of tropical flavor to traditional limeade.
10 Watermelon Mojito
Watermelon makes any summer drink more refreshing, and the mojito is no exception.
11 Lychee Cocktail
The delicate, floral sweetness of the lychee is an excellent base for an unusual and very refreshing cocktail.
12 East Coast Grill Sangria
Red wine, fruit, triple sec, and brandy add a little bit of a kick to this classic drink.
13 Pink Sangria with Peaches
This combination of rosé and peaches, along with citrus zing and a bit of triple sec, is light, refreshing, and ultra-satisfying.
14 Blue Margarita
This visually arresting cocktail might look a little odd, but it tastes great.
15 Classic Dark and Stormy
This ultra-simple but very delicious drink is rich and satisfying.
16 Hot Lips Margarita
17 Green Grape Caipirinha
Substitute green grapes for the lime to give your caipirinha a slightly sweeter, more subtle flavor.
18 Linden-Apple Tea
Tea with apple and lemon juice is a special hot beverage and a perfect fall or winter after-dinner drink.
19 Banana Milkshake
This protein-rich smoothie is a quick and healthy breakfast when Mom is too busy to cook.
20 Summer Special

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