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1 Apple-Grape Juice
Apple-grape juice is healthier and tastier when its fresh.
2 Grape and Kiwi Smoothie
Feel guilt-free and satisfied with this tasty low-carb treat.
3 Apple Pie Smoothie
This inventive recipe bring the taste of apple pie to a smoothie.
4 Blended Magical Margaritas
Here's a delightful teetotaling take on the beloved margarita!...
5 Sparkling Grape Sangria
This non-alcoholic sangria is a great drink for a summer party, when the grapes are at their sweetest!...
6 Lanai Sunset Punch
This refreshing drink is a perfectly healthy party punch.
7 Big Island Piña Colada
8 Cherry-Peach Smoothie
Soy milk, peaches, and cherries make a sweet smoothie for a warm day.
9 Date-Prune Smoothie
Don't knock prune juice until you've tried it! This date-prune smoothie is surprisingly good!...
10 Grape-Peach Smoothie
Grapes and peaches are naturally sweet, but the apple juice brings out their flavors in this smoothie.
11 Carrot-Apple Juice
The juice of carrots and apples makes a great combo.
12 Berry Melon Smoothie
Tart berries and sweet melon combine to make a perfectly delicious snack.
13 Coconut Peach Smoothie
You'll feel as if you're on a island vacation with this exotic treat.
14 Tangerine Grape Smoothie
You'll love this irresistable smoothie, made with real fruit.
15 Blackberry Papaya Smoothie
Treat your family to this healthy and delicious snack.
16 Papaya and Citrus Smoothie
Treat yourself to a delicious low-carb snack.
17 Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie
You may be watching your carbs, but that doesn't mean you can't have chocolate!...
18 Chocolate Hazelnut Smoothie
This smoothie makes a wonderful dessert for company, and no one will ever suspect it's low-carb!...
19 Carrot Citrus Smoothie
Carrots make this smoothie sweet and refreshing.
20 Carrot Strawberry Smoothie
This unusual combination creates a delicious and healthy snack.

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